Monday, June 30, 2014

Fancy Schmancy Nails

You all know how enamored I am with Julep nail polishes. I ordered a special July 4th set (called Independence Yay!), which arrived today.

I knew I wasn't going to be satisfied choosing just one plain color...

As always, the quality is amazing. The white is 2 coats, the red, blue, and glitter are just one coat apiece. A single coat with opaque coverage. Never heard of such a thing. (Note: I cleaned the edges later, and they'll sharpen up tomorrow- the bits on the cuticles always peel away after a day).

I love the glitter too!

These colors will all be wonderful for later, single-shade manis. But I had no intention of leaving these nails plain today. I intend to be FESTIVE!

It's been a long time since I did any nail stamping. I wanted a multi-color stamp over the white, so I painted both red and blue across the edge of this image...

And scraped...

And then picked it up with the stamper...

It stamped beautifully, not that you can tell in this shot. I decided to make a nice straight line on the red nail. I applied tape...

And then painted the navy from the tape toward the tip...

and then peeled the tape off. Nice straight line of polish from a not so straight line of tape.

And then I stamped some white stars.

I stamped a white design over the navy. This one I'm not quite as thrilled with because the white looks pale blue. Still, it's cool.

I decided to add dots.
 See? Dots.

And a few more.
And a small star on the thumbnail over the glitter. The glitter is a little rough, even with several top coat layers, so I only did a small image (and none on the pinky).

Let the celebration begin!

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