Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Misc.

Work on Big Project, Big Needles (a play on Mary's Big Project, Little Needles, which she knit for the book, and detailed the progress on her blog. I've seen pics, and it's totally beyond gorgeous. I can't wait for you all to see it too), is coming along well. So well, that I think I'll finish it this week, and have only a pair of gloves left to knit. On the other hand, the clock is ticking, and there is little time to dilly-dally.

BP,BN is a complex piece, which means that I have to take breaks now and then, both for my fingers and for my sanity. During those breaks, I worked steadily on the doll sweater for Voracious Reader.
Which I finished!

I knit it from leftover handspun yarn (and only ran out on the sleeve caps, and had to use contrast for them and the bands).

The lumpiness of the sleeves is more because I had to tear it out for incresases (due to using smaller needles and yarn than the pattern guidelines called for), than the handspun, though the handspun is not totally uniform either. It's a 3-ply, and I think it's Braider from Twisted Fiber Art. The sweater went in the mail to VR today. I think she'll like it

She sent me this computer drawing as a hint/suggestion/request for a doll quilt. So I think I will print an iron-on transfer and make it the center panel of a doll quilt. Soon (during my next BP,BN break).

And as soon as I possibly can, I'm going to read this.
But first, I need to get back to work.
Oh- Surrogates was quite good, Rome is sadly over, and the weather has been nasty, so I've been treadmilling again, and listening to Vanity Fair. I had forgotton that it was funny.
 So, it's back to work. Again. Some more.

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