Sunday, April 11, 2010

Receding Waters and the changing seasons.

We walked into town this morning, for the Sunday paper.
It's about 45 degrees, with a light wind, sunny and beautiful- perfect for about a 4 mile trek. The grass is beginning to green, but the trees still have no leaves.

The flood waters are receding, and Turtle Creek is almost back in its banks. You can see how deep the water was by the debris left behind in the branches.

Soon enough, the wind will blow those top-heavy weeds over.

We don't have many pine trees here. This one seems to be thriving.

And at home, the tulips are growing. Those other spiky green shoots are irises, which probably won't bloom because the bed desperately needs to be thinned out.

Too bad I can't let you listen to the birds- geese flying over, the soft gurgling of the cranes and pelicans, the Meadowlarks, and the cacophany of the blackbirds, massing by the hundreds in our leafless trees.

Spring, I love it.

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