Monday, June 28, 2010


I spun and plied a bump of undetermined white roving (which I later determined to be Romney, or a similar long-wool. It's low crimp, not terribly soft, and has a lovely sheen. At the very least, it's Romney-ish), which came out to 5.9 ozs, and 272 yards of 2-ply. And it's going to be socks, of course, though I may have to tinker with my usual sock recipe since this yarn is not quite as thick as worsted, but heavier than fingering. I have at least one more bump of this wool, which I will spin soon.

Pretty, no? And truly, I should be saving the spent marigold blossoms that I've been tossing out, for the dyepot. They make a lovely gold yarn.

And I finished the 80's Blech Colors doll sweater, and it looks much better as a sweater than the fingerless mittens (and please, do not notice that the bottom buttonhole ended up in the wrong place. And no, I'm not tearing it out and respacing it). Who knew there was yellow in the mix? That didn't show up in the larger fingerless mittens at all.

The fingerless mittens turned out cute too.

and here's the whole set- 3 down, one to go.

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