Friday, June 25, 2010

Fuzzy on the whole Good/Bad thing

Okay, so I'm on a Stashbusting Mission- no new yarn or fiber purchases until I make a dent in what I already have on hand, which could take years. I've done well so far- knitting entire adult-sized sweaters, not to mention doll wardrobes, hats, mittens, and socks from the boxes and piles of yarn that are in every room.

But how does the SB Credo apply when it comes to spinning? I mean, I'm using up fiber that I have on hand (and while I have more yarn than roving and wool, I have plenty of wool. Trust me on this), which is A Good Thing. But I'm also making more yarn... which is... naughty...

My Great Niece, the one who figured out how to knit by watching me for 10 minutes, stopped by yesterday with her Grandparents. She wanted to see how a spinning wheel worked, so I got out my Joy and gave her a demo. She was fascinated, so in addition to letting her give it a try, I dug out an old toy wheel/dowel spindle and some roving (I didn't say how I had to use it up, did I? It just has to be used), and showed her how to use the spindle. She caught on fairly well, and if there is any kid who can teach herself how to spin, it's her. So I sent her home with the spindle, a big baggie of wool, and a promise of more if she uses that up.

And then I did some spinning myself. I already had a full bobbin of multi colored singles, so I spun a bobbin of undetermined white and plied it. I ended up witn 3.6 ozs and 157 yards. It looks to be sportweight, but my handspun is dense, and it may knit up on size 5 needles better than smaller ones.

I haven't spun in a long time, and my wrists ache this morning. I think that means I need to spin some more.
The Good/Bad here doesn't involve stashbusting dilemmas- I am using some Austermann Step 6, the heavier weight yarn with aloe, which is Good. It's lovely a yarn and it knit up just fine for these fingerless mittens, and I'm on the 2nd sleeve for the corresponding doll sweater. The Bad is the colorway- have you ever seen anything so incredibly boring? What in the world was I thinking when I bought this 80's mauve and dusty blue? Blech. Good thing this set is going to a small girl who likes pink.
The Good here is that my friend Lorah is moving (not far away, just to a different town nearby), and she's ruthlessly getting rid of things that won't fit into her new house. So she gave me back this Hardanger piece that I made for her long ago, when I was on a Hardanger Kick (obsessions- I haz them). I'm thrilled to get it back- I look at that stitching and I want to pick up a needle and Perle Cotton again (and the scan is so clear, that if you're a Hardanger person, you could probably make the piece just from this picture). The Bad here is that on the upper left large crossbar, there is a slit in the fabric that I didn't notice when I scanned the piece. I have no idea how it happened (I'm pretty sure that the piece was intact when Lorah gave it back to me). Unfortunately, the slash cut across several of the little openwork crossbars, and wouldn't be repairable by needle even if I still had the thread (which I don't- I haven't done any Hardanger in probably 15 years). So I opted for the drastic solution- glue. I spread craft glue on the wrong side of the slit and it's drying now. Cheating, I know, but it should hold.

More Good? I picked 6lbs of rhubarb yesterday. I see hot pepper jam in the future!


Diane said...

Fingerless mitts-so NOT boring!! Cool! (Just so long as you don't decorate your house with those colors anymore ;-) )

Chery said...

I love doing Hardanger. Sadly, I have an area in my sewing closet devoted to Hardanger, not been touched in years!

Mary Wilson said...

Hot pepper jam? Is the rhubarb connected to this? Inquiring minds with lots of rhubarb and a love of hot peppers long to know!

ps Delighted you named the sweater Hitchcock!