Sunday, June 27, 2010

Weed Walk

We took our usual Sunday morning ramble- it was hazy and sticky and the mosquitoes were awake and hungry, but at least it wasn't storming (yesterday, I don't think we went an hour without thunder). This morning, I took the camera along and noted some pretty weeds.
The milkweeds are blooming. Their flowers smell like cinnamon and cloves, a scent that enchants me. The ants are equally enchanted. Later, the pods will mature and dry and the seeds will float away like dandelion seeds.

Bull Thistle has a beautiful flower...

And nasty everything else.
Wild roses are delicate and grow close to the ground.

I have always called these plants Cockleburs, but Google tells me that they're Buffaloburs. We also have Cockleburs but they're much less vicious than these things. These are evil. Pure evil.

By comparison, the Canada Thistle is pretty benign. Unless you step on one in your bare feet.

And these, obviously, aren't weeds. They're a flock of Turkey Vultures which have taken up residence at the South Dakota Developmental Center. Big birds they are, and stately. And creepy. They've been here all season, and I finally remembered to take a picture. Like all vultures, they're carrion eaters. I wonder if they know something that we don't.

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