Monday, June 21, 2010

Still with the Spoonflower and Doll Sweaters

I got another fingerless mitten/doll sweater/fingerless mitten set done. I finished the sweater awhile ago (I wasn't sure where it would end up) and realized that I had enough of the leftover yarns to complete the set. So this group is going in the Christmas pile too. I think the girls will like having matching gloves with their dolls (I would have at that age, and that's generally my guideline. My inner child knows dolls).

Next week's Spoonflower (link in Stash Enhancers) design contest is a Cheater Quilt- a yard of fabric that is designed to look like it was made up of lots of fabrics already assembled- in other words, a cheater quilt. It took me two weeks to put this together, with many many steps (creating the grid, creating each of the colored backgrounds, creating each of the letter blocks, working on the border etc), and though it's not hard to work with a canvas this large in Inkscape (it was 6300 x 5400 pixels), it's very difficult to work with the image in Paint or my other graphics programs. The computer wants to freeze when I try to work on it (and there are some things that I needed to do in Paint, in order to finish it).  I'm glad that the next couple of contests will use a smaller area.

This is a simple design and I will enter it in their contest, but I don't expect it to garner much interest. I want to make it up myself, and I thought I might as well enter it. I already ordered a yard.

And these are the compantion background fabrics (and the backgrounds to the individual letter squares). There's another one too- a peach block- that I forgot to adapt and order. I'm getting a yard of the yellow for the borders, and I ordered swatches of the other 3 colors just to see how they look in person.

I don't think I'll get a Nautical Theme design done by Tuesday (the deadline), mostly because I can't think of one. But the contest theme after the Cheater Quilt is Travel, and I already have a notion for it.

My Son The Artist sent me an old version of Adobe Illustrator, which I will install soon. I've been looking over the book, and I think it'll do a lot more than Inkscape does, and the process is similar, so the transition isn't going to be too difficult. I hope.
btw- this was my first version of the above Cheater Quilt, but I decided it looked too much like one of those Color Blindness Tests. One of the lovely things about Vector Drawing, is that every element is separate, so though it took time to change the color of all of the letters, it wasn't difficult.

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Anonymous said...

I like the first version -- the letters are mysterious. But I think they could be a bit darker.

I'm still trying to catch up!