Saturday, June 12, 2010


So, you knew I was going to color, cut, and sew immediately, didn't you?

I used the highlighter markers, which did bleed a bit more than I expected, but not too much (though some of that is me not staying inside the lines with the fat-tip markers). I considered leaving the background white for a minute...
and then changed my mind. I colored the backgrounds as lightly as I could, and there's still a little bleeding, but I'm considering it a design element. BTW- there are no purple highlighters, I just needed *another color*, so I mixed blue and pink.
Why you want to work on a protected surface.
Pieces, including bag and vest lining, cut.

Ta Da!

I already ordered the full yard from Spoonflower, with 4 repeats for the Grandgirls. I also did a little looking and found that Crayola sells markers made specifically for coloring on fabric (which may not bleed as much as other markers), so I ordered a set of them too.

I can't wait to see what the girls do with their outfits.

P.S. It would have made sense for me to order a full yard of the fat quarter designs even if I didn't have 4 specific girls in mind- a single custom print fat quarter on quilting cotton fabric is $11, a full yard (with 4 fat quarters, natch) is $18. If you order a fat quarter, select *centered*, if you order a yard, select *basic repeat*


Chery said...

Nifty! I would have loved that way back when I sewed and knit my own doll clothes. Way back....

joannamauselina said...

An ingenious gift, and one that is sure to be cherished.