Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Coeur d'Alene

Today's ride was lovely- mountain range after mountain range (Beartooth, Crazy, Absaroka, Rockies- and probably a few I  missed), plus two spectacular passes, Lookout and 4th of July. Back in the olden days (the mid 70's), the highway was two-lane, and there were no guard rails, and the roads had a nasty habit of falling away- those passes were white-knuckle experiences for me. No kidding- you could look out the window, and see 5,000 feet straight down. But these days, the highway is divided (though there is ALWAYS construction), and the roadways tend to stay where they're supposed to. You just have to watch out for the other drivers... some things never change.
I didn't take many pictures today, but I snapped this one with my phone from the car as we were moving. Montana is gloriously beautiful.
I finished Road Socks #1 fairly early this morning.

and then I cast on Road Socks #2. This is yarn that I bought at the '09 Sock Summit. It's lovely stuff- a bit heavier than usual fingering weight, so they'll be extremely cushy. I made up the pattern on the fly, but I'll write out the basics for you all when my brain is a bit more rested. I only have ab out 2" left to knit on the foot of this sock, and then the toe.

We're in Coeur d'Alene tonight- an incredibly lovely lake, a big town, and many crazy-ass drivers... We're hunkered down at a nice motel, the Grands are swimming, and I'm going to read this evening (A Dance with Dragons on the Kindle). Tomorrow's drive will be shorter, with a small side trip at Multnomah Falls and then on to Portland! Woohoo!

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