Friday, July 8, 2011


I may have single-handedly kept CafePress in business over the last month.
I did a test order of the hoodie from Curt's HopHeadSaid store, and I am delighted with the quality. I like my hoodies and tees to be loose and long, so I always order a couple sizes over what I would take in a woven shirt. This hoodie was huge, but after machine washing and drying, it shrunk a couple of inches in width and 3" in length. It's still more than plenty big enough, but you might want to take that into consideration if you order sweatshirts from CafePress (or air dry them, which would probably eliminate the shrinkage). Curt wasn't sure about keeping the hoodie in the inventory, but I think he should.

And of course, I had to order some Sex and Salmonella things. The tee shirt is the economy model from CafePress- it's lighter than their higher priced tees, but it looks fine (and I suspect it'll shrink a little). I love love love the apron- and the ingenious construction (the neck loop and ties thread through casings so the loop can be shortened without D-rings). It's made of a nice canvas twill, and I expect the apron to do its duty for a very long time. I also ordered a packet of note cards, and some fridge magnets, both of which look absolutely great.

The S&S magnet now has a place of honor.

Let's hope I don't have to choose between the two...

I have an order of Funeral Food themed items that could arrive today. I am getting FF magnets too. Once the cover for The Hotel South Dakota is finished, I'll have a drawing for a couple of sets of the three magnets.

And as soon as CafePress gets the pint beer glasses back in stock, I'll order some of them as well. If you're of a mind to decorate your house and body with my new eBook covers, the link to the CafePress store is on the upper right of the main blog page (I just get bragging rights from orders, I don't make a profit, and Curt only gets a small royalty). If you do order anything, send me a pic- I'd love to post it!

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Annmarie said...

I forgot to tell you; I ordered "Sex and Salmonella" as soon as it showed up on the Nook website on Friday. Yippee! I can't wait until the whole series is out.

What will I do with my paperbacks then?