Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Now that the wedding is over, it's vacation time.  Or it was vacation time starting yesterday. The sun finally came out, at least periodically (rain did not diminish the wedding, and it hasn't interfered much with the vacation. And given that the heat index at home is 121, I won't complain about a little wet).

I'll post more wedding pics later, but I do like this one of my son and I...
and this one of my long-time best friends...

I especially like us Old Broads Jumping, though on the outside edges are the Young Broads. We'll pretend that the shot caught us on the descent, rather than the apex.

and then Kris and I decided to get our ears pierced this morning. I haven't had holes in my ears in 25 years (I pierced my ears several times in the 70's,  including the old *needle into the potato* method, which... no wonder I always had infections). 

I'll be wearing these for three months before I can change to the special earrings that my sister had made for us (with all of our birthstones). In the meantime, I'll be sporting Claire's best bling...
We have one more full day at the beach before we head home. I'm hoping for nice evening for a bonfire. If so, we'll take pics.

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