Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Not so wordless spinning...

I have another project that I want to start, but The New Me (the one with a Work Ethic) tries to finish WIPs instead of abandoning them.
 So I finished spinning the matching singles for Sunday's yarn. I was able to divide the Twisted roving in half almost perfectly, but the lighter roving (above) wasn't divided quite as evenly. I ran out of this bobbin while plying it to the Twisted single (though there was some left from the first *half*, so I was able to finish plying the yarn).
The 2nd hank is 4 ozs and 309 yards, for a total of 7.7 ozs and 552 yards of 2-ply, self-striping yarn. The hanks look matching, but they're not going to line up perfectly when knit because one hank has more yards, therefore the stripes are going to be wider. That's not a disaster- spinning matching self-striping yarns is difficult, and this was an experiment that didn't actually fail. It just didn't turn out exactly as I hoped it would. Regardless, the yarn itself is gorgeous. I hope to make either cabled or lace socks (and there will be plenty left over). Or maybe gloves. Whatever I knit with it, it'll be a pair of *something* anyway- I went to a lot of trouble to make these skeins vaguely matching, so I might as well take advantage of it.

By the way- this WIP was the spinning of the yarn. The knitting of the yarn is an entirely different project, which is definitely not IP. Nor will it be IP for awhile because I have the urge to do a little quilting.

Not patchwork. Hand quilting.

 I bought this beautiful one-yard fabric is called Firebird. It was designed by ceanirminger through Spoonflower. I am going to add a cream print border, but otherwise it won't be pieced. I just feel like doing some decorative hand-quilting, so I'm going to sandwich this with batting and a plain backing, and just sew wherever and however I please. A good friend became a Grandma for the first time last month, so this will be an At Gramma's House Blanket.

And of course, I'll post pics.

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