Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Quilting, and spring

It took awhile to get the baby quilt bordered and
 sandwiched (and sorry for the less than optimal photo- sometimes my phone takes wonderful pics, and sometimes it doesn't... which probably means that the problem is the photographer)
 and basted. You can't see it but I basted lines every 4"-5" around the center.
 I had intended for this shot to illustrate my inability to eyeball a straight line and sew at the same time, but all you're going to be able to see is that the backing is a vaguely brown print. (Darn phone).
 I didn't get a lot of quilting done last night, but this is what I intend to do with the stars- just quilt in random squiggles around them. There are a LOT of stars, so there will be many many random squiggles. I'll quilt the outlines of the design elements, and whatever portions of the insides I feel like quilting. This is probably the least regimental project I've ever tackled.
I love love love my little stickum leather thimble. Keeps my finger almost entirely unpunctured.

American Idol is on tonight and tomorrow night, so it'll be Friday before I get more quilting done (I only quilt/knit/sew in the evenings- during the day I... get ready for it... work...), but I'm sure I'll post pics. More pics than you'll ever want to see.

We're having an exceptionally early spring. The grass is green, and leaves are popping out everywhere. I know that to most of you, the timing is nothing out of the ordinary. But we generally don't get leaves until the first week of May. I'll repeat: no leaves until the first week of May.

And how warm and weird is this weather?
We were too lazy to clean out the garden last fall, so the remains of the Brussels Sprouts are still in the ground. That green you see? Those are re-sprouts. The Brussels Sprouts not only survived the winter, they're growing again. And those other little green things sprouting? Well, some of them are weeds, but easily half is dill.

Like I said, weird weather.


Nita said...

Yes, we're having weird weather here too. I even need to mow! Really should have last month, but I refused to mow in Feb. Now, it a must! Glad to see your brussels sprouted. :)

knitbysue said...

Your quilting on the star fabric kind of looks like constellations. Maybe you could quilt the Big and Little Dipper!

Teish said...

We had 80 degree weather last week, and now we are back to 4" of fresh snow. Yup, weird.

I'm very glad to see that I'm not the ONLY one out there who can't quilt a straight line freehand! LOVE the panel!