Monday, November 12, 2012

After while, crocodile...

Sit down...

Are you sat?

I've been knitting...

I know, whoda thunk? But I have proof.
 The Kristie Lee socks, colorway named after my friend Kris, who dyed the sock blank when she was here in October.
 The Jane Liz socks, colorway named after another friend, who wasn't in New Jersey when I dyed the yarn in my workshop.
 The Katie Mittens. Katie also wasn't in New Jersey. I love how the colors progress.
There was just enough of the Katie yarn left to do accent stripes in another pair of mittens.

But even more shocking than knitting, I've been doing some crocheting!

A friend posted this pic on my Facebook page, #1 because she knows adorable when she sees it, and #2, she thought I might be interested in making them.

My good friend Google provided the pattern link, which I posted on Facebook. I really wasn't interested in making those specific booties, but other friends were.

Though I wasn't interested in making those booties, because, you know, I don't crochet very much, the stitch intrigued me. And it kept intrigueing me, until I gave in yesterday and swatched...
 The written stitch pattern that I found wasn't very good- it left out steps and was, in general, confusing, so I'm not going to link to it (or name the author). I was able to figure it out pretty well on my own, and there are You Tube videos for the stitch. My Crocodile Scales aren't staggered, but still, they came out well.
The scales are heavy and time consuming, but oh so cute. I decided to work 3 rows of 6 scales for a mitten cuff, then I sewed the cuff together, and picked up 48 sts and finished knitting the mitten in my usual way.
I'm delighted. And after I finish the mate, I'm going to try some more scaley designs.

Oh the yarn- it's Decadent Fibers Cookie Dough in the Salsa colorway- wool and mohair. Totally yummy.

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