Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday Tab- Saalfield/Artcraft Pepe and the Senioritas, 1961

I have a reprint of this set (Rosita), with just one doll and 4 pages of clothing. My reprint is one of the most beautifully drawn sets I own- the detail on the outfits is amazing. This is either the original (featuring Cantinflas as Pepe), or it's also a reprint of a Celebrity Set (which is what I always thought, though Cantinflas was a Celebrity in his own right).Alas, Pepe has no extra clothes.

 I'm so glad I can share the set with both dolls- as always, Thanks Dottie!


Lynne Phelps said...

Lovely! It makes me want to stamp my feet, shake my maracas and swish my skirts!

Retha said...

It is one of my all time favorites too. It is a celeb reprint: "Rita Hayworth in Carmen" was the original.