Friday, November 16, 2012

The Genesis of a Project

Yesterday's Photo a Day Challenge prompt was Lips.

 I snapped this shot of a couple of my Vintage Barbies, with my iPhone. I e-mailed it to myself, opened it on the large screen, and immediately knew that I had the pic I wanted to share... except...

I decided that it would be even more striking if I played with it a bit. I uploaded the pic to Be Funky (a free online program that lets you do lots of cool things with your photos. Another one is: PicMonkey. I love them both). I turned the shot into black and white, and then used the *painter* function to add color back to the lips, eyes, and sunglasses lenses. I didn't *color* them, I just sort of erased the black and white overlay on those portions- the colors showing are the originals, not ones I chose.

This shot is the one I uploaded for my Photo a Day Challenge (I used PicMonkey to put an old-style photograph frame around it).

But I kept thinking about this photo. It occurred to me that it might make a very cool needlepoint project at exactly the time that I was casting about for a new needlepoint project. So I went back to the original color image and I turned it into a cartoon (with BeFunky) (it's addictive, lemee tellya).
The Cartoonizer flattens out the shading, turning each color tone into a separate area. I liked this image for itself, but it was a little too stark for a needlepoint. So I went back to the original, and turned it into a watercolor painting.
Ah- much better. It's still a far simpler image than the original, and yet the shading is less starkly delineated. I saved it.
And then I flipped it and printed it on a light tee shirt transfer sheet.
And then I ironed it onto 18ct mono needlepoint canvas and stapled it to the frame.
It's gonna be an adventure.


Unknown said...

You are so inventive! Wonderful idea.

Unknown said...

You are soooo inventive - great idea

Linda said...

wow, I love this. I'm still trying to figure out Gimp on my MacBook pro. This sounds easier.