Tuesday, January 7, 2014


It's not as cold today (cresting 0F) and the wind isn't blowing, so I ventured further out for more frozen bubble shots. The bubbles didn't frost over like they did yesterday (amazing what 17 degrees will do), but they did last, and they did freeze. I took a few this morning on the deck, before it was fully light, and later I tromped out to the little barn and got some very cool shots. Just so you'll know- the clear bubble solution didn't work well, so I went with the yellow. I happen to like the yellow bubbles, but if the reaction on Facebook is any indicator, some of you will dislike them. Strongly. Bear with me, if you're one of those folks.

I bow to our Alien Bubble Overlords...

The silly things wouldn't land on the railing, like Nice Bubbles. I had to get all the way down on the deck floor to take this shot.

And this one.

A little later, the light was much better. That's me, btw, in the reflection. I'm wearing a red sweatshirt.

 Oopsie- it spilled. This was the homemade solution, which didn't work all that well anyway. It's going to warm up steadily the rest of this week, so I doubt there will be any new frozen bubble pics for awhile. It was fun while it lasted.

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