Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Spindle Mode

Ever since I opened this beautiful spindle at Christmas, I've been in spindling mode.

And not just with the new hand-painted spindle, either. I bought a little brass tahkli spindle at SAFF this year, but I hadn't quite figured out how to use it. Bless YouTube- this video taught me something I never would have figured out on my own- that *park and draft* works really well for cotton. And it always takes me awhile to remember to hold the cotton loosely for the long-draw.

It's a teeny little thing, isn't it?

1 oz spindle spun and plied (to itself, Andean Bracelet plying) of wool/bamboo. And whatever was on the tahkli spindle plied with a very fine cotton wool commercial yarn.

I also decided to try spindling some angora rabbit fur. I've never successfully spun it unblended on the wheel. The Angora Spirits were with me, because I got nearly a full spindle of lovely soft and fuzzy singles spun. I'm going to ply it with the same cotton/wool yarn that I used with the cotton on the tahkli.

 Speaking of the tahkli- this is what I got spun while watching Galaxy Quest. I never gave up, I never surrendered.

Handy dandy spindle stabilizer for plying...

And here it is, plied.

I wonder what I'll spin tonight...

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