Saturday, January 11, 2014

Those Darn Gloves

I searched the blog archives, and the earliest mention of these gloves was from  way back in September, 2007,

I've worn them every winter, and they've traveled with me on every cold-weather trip since then. Last week, I noticed that my thumb felt a little chilly...

I inspected the rest of the gloves and found a couple more weak areas,

including a couple of the finger tips.

I still have a lot of the Rowanspun 4ply discontinued yarn that the gloves were made with, but none of the light green. I decided to reinforce the weak spots with a darker green (mostly because it was already wound into a ball). I knew it would show, but really, a darned spot is a badge of honor- proof that the gloves have been worn and loved.

For the most part, I just re-tightened the tips, and duplicate stitched the weak spots.

It's a textured yarn, with nubblies, so the surface isn't totally smooth.

Voila! Good for another six or seven winters!


Jan said...

excellent - I do this as well with all my winter knits

Jan said...

excellent - I do this with my gloves and socks as well