Thursday, February 13, 2014

AI Seaason 13- Top 30 Reveal, Part 2, 02-13-14

Have I  mentioned the nifty new animated opening segment? It's nifty, and it's new.

So, yesterday we were left hanging with C.J. Harris and Casey Thrasher waiting for The Judges' verdict. I really want C.J. to stay, but surprise... Casey is #18 and #19.

#20. Marielle Sellars has a raspberry Mohawk (currently deflated). She looks like Miley Cyrus, she sounds like Miley Cyrus, and she dresses like Miley Cyrus did about six months ago (before she discovered nudity). When Marielle gets the good news, she momentarily forgets how to breathe.

#21. Jena Ascuitto's mother should have spelled her first name Gina, so people wouldn't constantly mispronounce it. It's  not *Jenna*. Anyway, Jena sang an original song for her solo, in a top with black transparent sleeves with large polka dots. For the Long Walk she's in a striped blouse over jeans, and I suspect she's happy enough not to mind any mispronunciations.

#22. Caleb Johnson apparently has an entire collection of regular jeans which have been made into flares with print fabric inserts sewn in at the outside of the leg hem. For his solo, he wears a burgundy velour jacket as he sings Radioactive. For the Long Walk, he's in dark over dark with  blue suede vest and an ugly hat. I would not mention the audience vote, except that the Twitter folks got their prediction totally wrong- 80% of them thought he was going home, and that 80% was wrong. That does not bode well for Caleb when it comes time for audience voting.

#23. Young Robbie Benson lookalike, Ethan Harris, sounds off to me in his solo. He also sounds very nasal. For the long walk, he wears a black denim shirt over a black and white wide stripe tee. He and his nasal voice make it into the Top 30.

Sarina Joi Crowe totters home on very tall red platform heels. Nalani (who?) goes home, as does David Oliver Willis.

#24. Majesty Rose York, she of the big floaty hair and flowered audition headband, wears black and white tweed and forgets her solo lyrics. For the Long Walk, she wears a top that looks hand knit with big needles and variegated yarn. The kind you can make in a couple of evenings. But she's not being judged on the intricacy of her knitwear.

#25. Briston Maroney sings in a very cartoony voice. It's not unpleasant, but it's definitely odd, and it seems totally unmarketable. I really thought Briston was going home. I have a lot in common with 80% of the Twitter folks.

Brandi Neeley, in an off-shoulder seafoam green chiffon cocktail dress and cowboy boots, has learned to blend her makeup in better. For her solo, she wears a loose black jumpsuit with a beaded neckline. Brianna Oakley wore a black semi-formal with a mullet skirt for her solo. For the long walk, she's wearing a black top and a cute black tweed skirt.  They come in together, and leave #26 and #27.

#28. Kenzie Hall is blonde and weepy and has huge blue eyes. For the Long Walk, she wears an ordinary baggy brown tee shirt. For her solo, she sings terribly. She's in. Why? Why?

Savion Wright is the one other kid (besides C.J. Harris) that I want to make the Top 12. For the Long Walk, he wears a black trench coat and red pants. He carries and plays a small guitar, which I do not think is a ukulele. For his solo, he wears a brown gingham shirt and he plays a regular sized guitar. This kid is charming and talented, and.... arghhhhhhhhhh.... they're sending him home. They're keeping Emanuel, Briston and Ethan, all marginal singers, but they're sending Savion home. This is a huge mistake. The only thing I can think is that the judges want him to have some time to work through his grief, given that Savion's older brother died just two weeks previous. I hope he gets to come back next year.

So, we're down to 2 gals and 2 guys left, for the final 2 spots.

Of the girls, Sandi Lee is totally new. She's a big gal with long hair and heroic bazooms which are front and center on display. I like her big voice. Austin Wolfe wears a burgundy dress for her solo, and she dances awkwardly. Austin is #29, and the last girl. Shoot, I liked Sandie better.

The final 2 guys are Ben Briley, of the backwards cap and the wife who made him audition, and Neko Starr from last year, in the Bruno Mars hat. Ben's solo is a little overwrought but he nails the final big note. Neko sings in a white dress jacket with black piping over a white tee. His voice makes no impression on me at all.

So, the judges can't decide and the final choice is left to the audience, and not the Twitter audience either. Actual voters who can vote online, via text, or phone call, not that I care enough about these two to bother, unless my vote can be used to bring Savion back.

The live shows begin next week already. On Tuesday the girls will perform, and since there are 15 of them, I suspect it'll be a 2 hour show. On Wednesday the guys will perform. And Elimination will be on Thursday.

Three nights next week, 5 hours... and Randy Jackson will be there. Sigh. Or maybe... grrrrrrr.....

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