Sunday, February 2, 2014

More Tahkli Spinning

I'm getting the hang of spinning cotton with the little tahkli spindle (btw, which is the correct spelling? I see it several ways: tahkli, takhli, takli). I like being able to sit back in my chair to spin it (no sore back), and the yardage grows pretty quickly. I can spin and ply about 80 yards in a single evening (plying with a commercial cotton/wool), which is not a whole lot slower than with the wheel.

My singles are becoming more consistent, though there are still some slubs.

This is about 180 yards of spindle spun, 2-ply cotton and cotton/wool. All natural colors.

32 yds of white (from a cotton boll and some I had already hand carded, which means more even more slubs, but still cool), 110 yds of light brown and white mottled, and 38 yards of brown and white. If I spin another 180 yards or so, I'll have enough for a Hitchhiker shawl.

I'm not just using the tahkli- these other yarns were spun with my new painted spindle. 61 yds of orange wool/bamboo, 22 yds of blue Merino, 54 yds of gray, and 46 yds of angora rabbit plied with cotton/wool. These may end up as socks, when I get enough of the orange spun.

I wasn't able to spin the angora on the tahkli the first time I tried, but I'm more comfortable with it now, so I'll give it another shot. I think I'll also have The Hub take a little video of me spinning with it- not as a tutorial, just to show how I've been doing it. I think I'm holding the spindle differently than others do, but I'm happy with the outcome, so it's all good.

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