Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Breaking the Wall

The last few days of knitwork on Genevieve's Graduation had been pure torture- endless stitches, and nearly endless bitching, with no visible progress. And then last night, I looked up during Heroes (domesticated Sylar with a son named after HRG? creepily cute) and discovered that I only have 8 rounds to go (and 3 of them are solid color)! I would have pushed on last night but my cramped fingers and crossed eyes decided otherwise.

So, today, barring unforseen disasters (not tempting fate, nosiree), I will get the knitting done. The rest of the finish work is time consuming (cutting the sleeves apart, dragging the sewing machine downstairs to stitch the cut edges, sewing the sleeve seam, sewing the sleeves in place, sewing the clasps in place, washing, blocking) but not difficult. I'll take pics.

Do you see the mistake? I do, but I'm absofreakinglutely not tearing it out.

On a geographical note- I defy The Pacific Ocean to produce a sunset as glorious as we see every day on the Prairie (okay, it doesn't look like this every single day, but often enough to feel smug about it)
And on a musical note (heh)- every time I listen to the Covers cd, I like it more.


Stacy said...

It looks great!

Kay-From the Back Yard said...

Hmm. Your beautiful sweater echoes the beautiful prairie sunset!

knakedknitter said...

that is freakin gorgeous and no I don't see the mistake. Excellent work. Can't wait to see the FO.