Saturday, October 25, 2008

Spideys and Snowdrops...

... and whiskers on kittens.... (sorry)

I got a lovely e-mail this morning from a French knitter. She made my Freebie Friday We Call Them Spidey Mittens for her son, and sent me a pic. Aren't they adorable? And she asked if she could translate the pattern into French and post it on her blog (with a link back here). I am delighted by the notion of my pattern being available in multiple languages. When she gets the translation up, I'll let everyone know. Here's her blog:

As always, if you knit something from a Freebie Friday pattern and send me a pic (under 500kb please), I'll post it here.

And here are the Spidey Mittens, if you missed the pattern the first time around:

So, Karen, your Swallowtail definitely unleashed a monster. Here's the progress on The Yarn Harlot's Snowdrop shawl- I am almost to the solid-neck portion, and it's coming along pretty quickly, with a minimum of errors. I still can't keep track of the pattern without the chart (more than 2 rows and my brain boggles), but it's a pretty easy design. I suspect that the added border will take as long as the rest of the shawl, but it's going to be gorgeous.

My kids gave me an eBay gift cert for my birthday (do they know me or what?), and I used a portion yesterday to buy this pewter dragonfly shawl pin. Cool, no?

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christhalinette said...

Thank you very much Kathleen, the pattern is now available in french on my blog ;o)