Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Got My Motor Runnin'

Okay, so it's only a mile, with a half-mile warmup/cool down walk on either side, but I run 6 days a week now. For three seasons, I go the distance outside (unless it's rumbling- I don't tempt lightning. It wants me. I can tell). And I'll run outside in the winter if it's nice (nice does not mean warm, nice means no ice and no wind). But the majority of my winter exercising is done indoors, on the weight machine and treadmill. While the wind chill factor is pretty low in my basement, the scenery is sorely lacking, so in order not to die of boredom, I listen to music as I run.

I start out the warmup slow, working up to 4mph by the end of the first half mile (about 8 minutes total), then I start jogging at 5mph and work my way to 6.5 by the end (about 11 minutes total jogging), and then slow back down (another 8). Real runners will laugh at my times and numbers, but dammit, I'm 56, and my default mode is sitting, so that's pretty good. I've worked out a playlist that helps me keep the proper pace. The timing doesn't always work out right, but it's close. There's a bit of dissonance in the styles, but it keeps me going.

Twist & Shout (The Isley Brothers)
There's Your Trouble (The Dixie Chicks)
Wild Thing (The Troggs)

YMCA (The Village People)
Bad Moon Rising (CCR)
Marrakesh Express (CSN&Y)
Born to Be Wild (Steppenwolf) (which may be the most perfect jogging song ever)

Smooth (Rob Thomas and Santana)
It's Growing (James Taylor)

What music do you listen to as you exercise (or not?)


Marlyn said...

Good for you, Kathleen.
If I'm on the treadmill or elliptical, I usually listen to knitting podcasts (LimenViolet is great) or audiobooks.
Currently listening to Little Women, read by Jamie Lee Curtis, which I checked out of the library as an OverDrive MP3.

Susan said...

My best exercise experience was in my 40s I used to get up at 5am and power walk to Huey Lewis and the Pointer Sisters for about 8-10 KM get back home about 10 to 7. jump in the shower for 10 min and lay on the bed and nap until 8am when my second alarm would go off. Now I am 61 and "it ain't happening any more" lolol I use a powerglider and watch movies. It is a lot easier on the knees.