Friday, October 3, 2008

Endless Sleeves

Damn, sleeves are a slog. At least I'm knitting the Genevieve's Graduation sleeves together, so I only have to do this once. 5 1/2" to go- 4" of red/gold patterning, and 1 1/2" green/white scroll border left to knit. I have all of the bands and other finish work done (except for sewing the clasps on and blocking), so I really am heading toward the finish line. But damn... it's taking forever. However, I WILL be done by next Friday so I can show it off at my knitting group (and then I can actually give it to Genevieve, who got her shiny new doctorate in July and might just be wanting that sweater soon) (and write up the pattern, since I sort of plan to sell this one myself, if anyone is interested).

I'm a little over halfway done with the second half of the Madeira Cascade lace scarf. Knitting with handspun yarn is always an adventure- this 3-ply yarn is pretty consistent in size, but the colors are wonky, what with that huge, nearly solid green hunk there in the middle of the softly mottled variegation. Oh well, it's unique. I am wondering if I divided the yarn wrongly, and will have a bunch left over after I finish the 10 repeats on this 2nd half. If so, I'll divide it further and knit a couple more repeats on both sides. I have no use for this leftover yarn, so I might as well use it up on the scarf. Do please ignore the bird poop on the table- I didn't see that until after I posted the pic (though I will go out on the deck and wash it off soon).

I finished the neon gloves, and they surely are neon. I then cast on a glove from the rainbow handspun shetland, but have ripped it out twice. Once because the yarn is heavier than I realized and the glove was coming out far too big, and once because the yarn is way too scratchy to be knit as tightly as I was knitting it for gloves. I'm back to square one- maybe it'll work as a hat (and maybe it'll work as balls of pretty yarn in a basket, just to look at).

But today, I may skip knitting altogether, and go outside. It's gorgeously fall here (no pretty leaves yet, but cool and brisk and far too lovely to stay inside).


Fríða said...

hi Kathleen! the book has arrived, and oh wow, it´s pretty! I´ve only just browsed through it quickly, but will take the time tonight to go through it more closely. thank you so very much!
best wishes from Iceland

joannamauselina said...

Can't see the bird poop. The sweater is amazing. I for one, would be interested. Lucky Genivieve - a new doctorate and an incredible new sweater.

Karen said...

I actually like the way the colour pooling came out on the scarf, but then I'm a bit odd that way. I like it when the wool just takes off in one direction or another, and the knitter goes along for the ride!
I can't wait to see that sweater when it's's absolutely stunning. Go you!