Monday, October 27, 2008

Snowdrops and Spideys

The French translation of the We Call Him Spidey Mittens is up here . It's pretty cool to see my pattern in another language! Thanks so much, Nathalie.

I'm in the thousand-stitches-per-row (not really, it just seems that way) part of The Yarn Harlot's Snowdrop Shawl, so even though I only have about 30 rows left on the main portion, it's taking forever for progress to show. I should not complain about this part because the knitted border is going to go even more slowly. I suppose no one starts triangle shawls at the *big end* because casting on hundreds of stitches is a royal pain, but it would sure be nicer to have 2 fewer stitches every other row than the other way around.

But, despite a big honkin' hole that I'll have to fix (doesn't show in that shot- I must have dropped a YO), and despite having come to hate this yarn (Pima cotton on a cone- it feels like knitting string), its coming along beautifully. That's a 40" circular, so this is going to be a nice size when it's finally done. I'm ready to work with wool for the next scarf- something with a little bounce and grab. And color.

The lace projects so far have been process knits- I'm feeling my way into lace knitting, and can see working on something long-term with lace in the future.


RuthieJ said...

I love lace knitting too and have 2 projects going right now. It's nice to have something beautiful and warm as we head into shawl season here in the north country.

maxine said...

I am so close to having my first Pi Shawl done. I was brave and did the version with the lace and am using worsted so rather than a shawl, I believe I might end up with a throw.

My problem is the border as cast off. I get how to do it, but just can't get it tolook right. Plain garter seems all wrong for the lace and the lace one I picked was fiddly in all the wrong ways. It has been in time out and maybe tonight is the night to pull it out again. Hopefully you will have better border chi.