Friday, October 15, 2010

All Horseshoe, All The Time

The Horseshoe (side note: I type Horshoe every. single. time. and then I have to correct) socks have been relegated to the Car Project, and since I'm not in a car very much lately (except when I'm driving, and I haven't mastered the whole Knit While I Drive thing yet), I haven't made much progress.
I'd kind of like to wear these to SAFF, and in my normal world, I could finish the foot of a sock (even a lace sock) in an evening. But I've been distracted and busy lately, so I can't guarantee that I'll get these done before Tuesday.

I'm using hand-dyed yarn, which is notoriously variable, but I still didn't expect this much difference between the tone of one half of the skein and the other- note how green the finished sock is, and how purple the one in progress. Interesting.

And what, you may ask, is this Distraction? Well other than working on my YA, and getting ready for SAFF (I still have a little bit of class example knitting to do), this has done the trick:

The KAL Triangle Shawl (btw: welcome all who are K-ingAL! Lots of new people tuning in- I hope you stick around for the rest of the blather. And possible prizes...) is distraction heaven. It's coming along very well, though this is the *quick section*- with every 16 rows, we add 20 sts total, so pretty soon, rows are going to take quite a bit longer to finish. The lace pattern looks every bit as pretty in this version as it did in the hats and the socks.
It's a very simple lace pattern, which will show up nicely after blocking (and it would show up better now if I wasn't using such dark yarn). I love how the edges are going to scallop- it's going to be very pretty.

Have any of you cast on? If so, send me a pic and I'll post it.

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