Sunday, October 24, 2010

SAFF-Day the Last

I'm feeling better (that cough nearly got the better of me- I've had just enough energy to teach my workshops and then collapse, but today I'm mostly human). Today's workshops went swimmingly, but I forgot to take pictures. However, yesterday, the Fair isle Design students worked very hard
on an intense all-day workshop, learning elements of Fair Isle design. And they were not only able to design a hat, but

my sister Sandi sat up untio 1:00am knitting on hers. That is exactly her 2nd Fair Isle project ever (her first was the workshop the day before) and her first oroginal design. I don't know who is more proud: her, or her Big Sister.

So, SAFF is over for another year- I had a wonderful time, and I hope hope hope to come back again. Tomorrow, I spend most of the day in airports- routing through Detroit on the way home. I'm sorry to leave, but it'll be nice to sleep in  my own bed. I'll leave you with a couple of pretty pictures.

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