Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Biltmore

We took the general walking house tour of Biltmore yesterday. Sandi had never seen it, and I definitely wanted to see it again. It's such an amazing house (such excess, such beauty, such everything). No photography is allowed inside at all, though we were allowed to take pictures outside while on the roofs (rooves?)
This is from the side of the house.

This was their back yard. It's not peak leaf time yet, but it's beautiful.

Carvings, carvings everywhere.

The gardens are beautiful in every season.

The fading roses are still gorgeous.

A view from the gardens.

And the mums are amazing.

Today, we're taking the Behind the Scenes tour, visiting areas not open to the general tour. And we're going to explore the Conservatory and Gardener's Cottage, and do some more souvenir shopping. Unfortunately, no pics are allowed inside, but I'll take pics where I can, and report back tonight.

It's interesting, last year we were able to go up to the 4th floor on the general house tour. This year, it was blocked off, though we went up there for the Rooftop Tour. They're very busy setting out the Christmas trees- I can just imagine how beautiful this place is during the holidays.

So- today we play. Tomorrow, I go to work. One last shot from the roof:

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Karen said...

Wow...reminds me of some of the chateaux we visited in France.