Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nothin' but blue skies

Well, and a few clouds, and a couple of birds. But mostly, all I have left on the cushion is the sky. I won't have enough of this light blue yarn to complete the entire sky, but I think I can make it up to the clouds (once I work around the yellow house, I'll divide the remainder of the yarn in half so the two sides sorta match, and then just hook as much as I can, until I run out). After that, I'll blend in a slightly darker shade of blue. It's going more quickly than I expected, though that's probably because this is a fairly heavy yarn (many of the greens were so thin that I had to double, or even triple, the strands to get good coverage).

Blog Commenter Maxine is right- it doesn't really matter whether the house windows are straight or not. After all, I'm going to be sitting on this most of the time anyway.
Oh- see how nice and sharp the willow fronds are, against the sky background? There's a reason for that.*
*They faded into the sky almost entirely, so I drew over them with a sharpie.

p.s. I forgot it was Thursday- I'll upload the paper doll tomorrow


Kate/Massachusetts said...

I don't know if this tip will help or not. Years ago I took traditional rug hooking that used wool strips. Whenever two light colors were butted together, you would lose the definition of the figure. My teacher had me cut a very fine piece of black wool and to hook it along the edge between the two fading colors...worked like a charm! I wonder if you took a very fine black yarn and used that to define your willow tree if that would make it "pop"? Just a thought...

joannamauselina said...

Wow! It's coming along nicely. Your various blues will be an artistic statement, not a lack of sufficient one shade.