Sunday, October 31, 2010

Anyone K-ing AL?

One of the hard things about an informal KAL is that I have no idea if anyone is actually K-ing AL. And given that I took a break from my own version for that little trip, I would not be surprised if everyone has forgotten all about the Horseshoe Lace Triangle Shawl (pattern in the above link).
I haven't forgotten though. I'm making very good progress on it, in fact. I have 19 repeats on the needles, and I'm finding that it's a nicely meditative project. The lace repeat is easy enough that I can watch TV as I knit. I think it's going to be a lovely shawl, and the edges will block into well defined scallops, which will eliminate the need to pick up and knit a decorative border around it.

I'm not sure how much bigger to make it (the pattern adds 2 repeats in every 16 rows). It'll block out a lot bigger than it looks right now, and I can easily stretch the triangle point to 36" from the needle, and a rough calculation (6" stretched for 2 repeats) makes it a good 60" wide when I finish this repeat. I think I'll add at least one or two more repeats (which will take me a few nights- we're at the stage where rows take awhile now). But after that, it should be done.

I'm very curious to find out how much yarn this shawl needs- I have some handspun that would really look pretty in this pattern, but I don't know if I have enough. I'm thinking beads along the scalloped edges...

Oh, I almost forgot:

I finished the Horseshoe Lace Socks before I left for NC.


Karen said...

Well, I'm not K-ing, but I'm definitely keeping an eye on that shawl!

Mary Keenan said...

I wanted to KAL and still want to, but Things keep happening to stop me! Love the stitch though, and love love love those finished socks ;^)

LizzieHelen said...

I have started it with a worsted weight and size 9 (?) needles and just finished the second repeat (3 repeats of middle section). It's looking great and is interesting to do, but slow because I'm adding beads with a crochet hook which really slows the rhythm down. I love it!

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Bunny said...

I am knitting. I have work chart b twice and I am on row 8 or the third repeat. I am a slow knitter. I do not knit and watch Tv ( I would make too many errors).

Kathleen Taylor said...

Welcome aboard LizzieHelen and Bunny! Any way you want to share pics is fine with me.

Mary- I hope you can play eventually!