Saturday, August 11, 2012

2012 Michigan Trip Day 1- Home to Madison, WI

You guys, you won't believe this- it's August, and it was wonderfully mild and comfortable all day in the car. I don't think it got over 77 degrees anywhere on our route, and it's not sticky. And it's not stormy, and it's beautiful. Boy, do I hope this catches up with us in Allegan when I'm sitting in a fair barn for 3 days. Last hear it was hot, but not terribly so, and I'll be happy enough to have that again. Anything cooler is pure gravy.

This was my Road Sock when we left home. These are all leftover yarns.
 We didn't stop, but I finally got a picture of the Giant Metal Bull Head, which is near the Montrose, SD exit on I-90.
I always expect there to be Maidens Dancing around it, ready for sacrificing.

Minnesota was blurry today...

I was at the heel by the time we hit Minnesota.

Lots of trees near the Wisconsin border. You can't see the Mississippi River, which was to our left, just out of camera range.

Wisconsin was much more in focus...
And I finished the sock about 4  miles from Madison.

We'll hit the road early tomorrow, and we should be in Hastings, MI by early afternoon. I'll check in as I can. We're going to do Family Stuff for a couple of days, and then I go to work. I'm sure there will be pictures galore.

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