Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Michigan Fiber Festival 2012 Day 1

We got up this morning to a beautiful foggy sunrise.

By 7am, we were on our way to Allegan from Hastings- it's about an hour drive (give or take, depending on the traffic, and how long it takes McDonald's to make an iced caramel latte).

It was lovely to be greeted once again by the Big Metal Chicken at the gate.

My friend Judy drove up to have lunch with me. We've known each other online for years, and known of each other for over a decade but this was our first in-person meeting. We both brought our little UPS trucks to meet each other too- our Photo Challenge group also has a sort of Flat Stanley project going with these little trucks, taking pictures of them on our various travels. This is the first time any of the trucks have met in person either. They were very happy to make each other's acquaintance.
 The fiber festival has a new design logo for tee shirts and sweatshirts this year- lots of cute bunnies. I bought a new hoodie. It may actually be cool enough on Friday to wear it.

 The registration desk was hopping by 8am.

My classroom is in this building- it'll be my home  for the next 2 days.

Have you noticed that there are no pics of students? There would have been, especially given that I taught two classes today that were chock full of brilliant students. But did I remember to take any pics? Nope. So you'll have  to imagine tables full of geniuses who instantly understood every single thing I tried to teach.

I'll try to do better tomorrow.

Today was great fun- it was warm, especially in the center of my barn, but not unbearably so. Tomorrow it may storm, which will be interesting. By Friday, the high is only going to be 72, which means it could be darn cold at 9am when classes start.

I'll take my camera, and I hope to remember to use it tomorrow.

Oh yeah, this is what I had for supper tonight...
That is a Ruben sandwich... made with homemade sauerkraut. Eat your heart out.


Nora said...

Never been to Michigan but my birth Mother was born there. :) Always enjoy your postings of your trips and of course the photos. :) Enjoy yourself!!

GardenofDaisies said...

It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful week!! Can't wait to see what you make in these classes. I love reuben sandwiches. Yours sounds especially wonderful with the homemade sauerkraut.