Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Michigan Trip 2012 Day 3 (mostly yesterday)

Tomorrow starts the reason for this trip, but today is another relaxing day. Just like yesterday.
 The view is excellent...
 in all directions...
 The garden spiders are big...

Even the weeds are pretty.

 I think this is a sort of Queen Anne's lace.

 I have no idea what this is but it's such a pretty color.

 In the evening, it was Wine and Sock time... This is a Michigan wine.

We opened the Cherry Riesling last night- it's good, a little tart but with a nice Riesling tang.
Tonight we're going to try the Late Harvest Riesling- it should be delicious.

Who knew that Michigan had longhorn cattle?

 'em are some damn big horns...

It was nice of them to pose for us.

Tomorrow the Michigan Fiber Festival classes open- I'm excited to get to work. There will be pictures. Lots of pictures.


Unknown said...

Your purple blossoms are cocklebur, those fun things that stick to everything.

Unknown said...

Those purple blossoms with the large leaves are cockleburr. Nasty things that stick to everything.