Monday, August 13, 2012

Michigan Trip Day 2 (yesterday)

636 miles yesterday... We got to Hastings fairly early, but it was family reunion time, and things were just too busy (and I was too tired) to get to the computer. So here's what happened yesterday.

I started this sock when we left Madison, WI.

Yarn barf.

By the time we crossed into Illinios, I had this much done (note the crack in my windshield)
I do love self patterning  yarns- it doesn't matter how many I knit, it's always fascinating to watch the pattern develop.
Traffic was pretty manageable the whole way. We went through Gary, IN on I-80 in order to bypass Chicago.
I can't remember whether we went over this bridge coming into Illinois or Indiana, but it was a great rusty bridge.
Shoot- I was hoping to visit Impure Michigan.
I had just passed the heel when we drove down Jayne's driveway. Not too bad for a day of car knitting.

We don't have anything specific planned  today- lots of talk, food, and laughter. I'm sure I'll take pics.

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