Friday, August 31, 2012

Lotsa fun with CafePress...

New Tory Bauer goodies are available from CafePress, using the wonderful covers designed for the eBooks by Curtis Taylor (yeah, the name is not a coindicence).

I love CafePress's rectangle fridge magnets. I've had sets made of each of the new covers. Mourning Shift and Cold Front look right at home with the rest. The 6th (and final, for now) cover is being designed even as I type. Soon, I'll have a full set.

I'm wearing the Mourning Shift tee right now, and as soon as it cools off enough (not any time soon, I fear), I'll be wearing the black Cold Front hoodie.

Two more beer glasses to add to my collection.

They'll fit in nicely with the rest. I do have to add a caveat about the beer glasses- the transfers are exact replicas of the covers, but they're also translucent, and therefore not easy to see. Also, if you leave the glasses soaking overnight (not that I'd ever do that), the glass turns a slightly opaque, which actually makes the images easier to see. It's not a problem for me, but it could bother others who order the glasses.

Amazingly enough, beer glasses don't just have to hold beer. I like the Seagram's Dark Honey, though maybe not quite as much as the Wild Turkey American Honey. I can sip the Wild Turkey neat, but not the Seagram's. On the other hand, the Seagram's makes a nice mixer.

It's been my week for CafePress orders- Curt designed a new logo for his HopHeadSaid beer blog. I loved it, and immediately needed a beer glass (natch), a golf shirt, and a new coaster for my desk (serving its purpose right now).

You can see all of the Tory Bauer merchandise by clicking here, or on the link to the upper right. The HopHeadSaid things are available here, and while you're at it, check Curt's blog. It's great.

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