Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bits and Pieces

After all the worry, there's not a flake of snow on the ground here in Hendersonville. There may be some in Asheville, and up at Biltmore, but not enough to hamper our plans. It may snow later, and my flight tomorrow might be affected, but I'll worry about both later (when worrying might actually do some good... snort).

At any rate, here are a few bits and pieces from SAFF and this trip.
 I applied this temporary tattoo on Friday- it's still bright and clear.
 The Ravelry party on Friday evening.
 A wonderful needlefelted sign- a gift from my friend DeeAnn

 Fair Islers!

 Gingko leaves!
 Condom dress in a window in Asheville!
 A single solitary Yarn Bomb!
DeeAnn and me together after 42 years!
SAFF Booty- have I shared this yet? I can't remember. If I haven't: yay. If I have, oh well.

It's time to hit the road- I promise many pics of the great big house, though they may not be posted tonight, and I have to leave for the airport by 4am tomorrow... (I hope).

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