Sunday, March 3, 2013

February Photo Challenge Pics

The highlights...

Cemetary- a very old grave

Pig- part of a weather vane

Rust (self explanatory)

Pattern- I sewed, and voluntarily wore each one of the little thumbnail patterns. Ah, the 70's

Word- Bracelet made for me by Voracious Reader

Silly (also self-explanatory)

Sand- I have more beach/sand pics than I can use, but I decided to go a different direction for this prompt.

Hope- My maternal grandmother migrated between Kotzebue and Point Hope for the first 32 years of her life.

Orange- taken from The Getty museum in LA.

Smell- I want some. Now.

Guilty Pleasure... um, yeah...



Diana Troldahl said...

Wow! Your grandmother may have known my grandfather! Maurice Miller, (pronounced 'Morris') nicknamed 'Piff' among the family spent many a visit in Kotzebue when I was growing up. He loved the area and especially the people.

Kathleen Taylor said...

My grandma left Kotzebue to live in Northwest Washington back in the early '30's. She visited on and off during my childhood though. I still have relatives there, with the last name: Leib