Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Snow Cleanup

Let's be clear here, snow cleanup is like doing the dishes: the neatness only lasts until the next meal (or storm). Or, in our case, the next bit of wind, since our snow is highly mobile and we don't need new stuff to complicate our lives.

Though we weren't totally snowed in (The Hub got his pickup out), there was still no way that our car was going to plow the drifts. And no one in anything but a 4-wheel-drive vehicle was going to make it to our place. So The Hub revisited his Farm Boy Youth and borrowed some big equipment and made some paths.

 The snow was packed pretty firmly.

We could probably build an igloo with this stuff.

I love the white-on-white tracks

Mt. Taylor- a good 12' of snow piled there. 12' up, that is, the pile is probably 30' long

Looks like a glacier about to calve, doesn't it?

In case you don't know how big Big Machinery really is.

The view from inside the Payloader.

Are you impressed? I only drove it about 25' and turned it around. I didn't try to use the scoop, and, full disclosure: I squealed like a terrified little girl the whole time I drove it. But, by cracky, I drove it.

Too bad it's already drifting back in. Sigh.

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Linda said...

serious snow in your part of the world! It sure is pretty.