Thursday, March 7, 2013

AI Season 12- Hollywood Top 20 Elimination

So, tonight we winnow the Top 20 down to 10, five gals and five guys. Ryan explains the drill: the guys are in one room and the gals are in another. They can't see the audience and the audience can't see them. Ryan will announce the Top 5 of each, one at a time, escort the Lucky One down a hallway, giving a lovely little pep talk, to backstage at which time The Selectee will be revealed to the audience and the judges (but not to us- we get to see the whole thing), to sing a victory song.

Ryan  is wearing a charcoal suit with a black and white polka dot tie, and... lipstick? The judges enter from center stage. Keith is in a dark tee shirt (I thought I should mention his clothes once in awhile, even though he always wears the same kind of thing). Nicki is in the blonde bangy wig and an orange sheath. Nicki's heels are so ridiculously tall that she can't walk without Keith to steady her. Randy is in a blazer consisting of very wide gray, white, and yellow bands. Mariah is in a long black gown with a transparent center bodice panel that perfectly frames her huge, squooshed boobs.

We see a montage of the top 20 from audition to this week, which I have already recapped. And then rather lengthy clips of last night's performances, which: ditto.

We get right to the point of the show, Ryan stands with the Top 10 guys and opens a folded piece of paper with a name on it.

#1. Paul Jolley... seriously? Paul Jolley? Paul Jolley is wearing equal amounts of seafoam green and shock. Me too, except for the seafoam green. After a nice congratulation/encouragement/pep talk (congeptalk?) from Ryan, Paul Jolley makes his entrance. Keith does not even clap. Paul Jolley sings his *victory song*, an exceptionally pageanty version of Alone, which happens to be the song that Carrie Underwood killed dead. For the record, Paul Jolley is no Male Carrie Underwood.
K: Tonight's performance was better than last night's

#2. Burnell... that's more like it.  Burnell does not look like an 80's/ 90's TV Teen tonight. He's wearing a black, white, and red paisley shirt, and maybe a bolo tie. Once again, he stands stock still at the microphone, and lets his hands do the talking. I don't know the song he's singing, but it's not very good- Burnell is adding too many runs. Last night's performance was better but he gets a Standing O from Keith, Nicki, and Randy.
M: Says she's happy, and yet she did not stand with the others.

#3. Curtis Finch Jr. Of course. He's wearing a blue, untucked shirt. He's singing some CC song which highlights every single thing I dislike about him. But I knew he was going to make it, and certainly he has talent, and whether or not it's the kind of talent that appeals to me is irrelevant.
R: You, man, showin' your false, so happy

#4. Devin, proving that my predictions aren't worth much, is wearing a yellow and black striped shirt and a black vest. Keith gives him a Standing O. Devin is the first finalist who sounds better tonight than last night. He gets a big hug from his loud, enthusiastic, heavily eye-shadowed Mama.
N: Singing in Spanish helped

Right here and now, I predict that the judges will also choose one guy and one girl as Wild Cards.

Poor Charlie is crying already, and the rest of the guys look ill.

#5. Lazaro, also not a surprise. He's wearing a gray shirt with rolled sleeves, a black tie, and a black vest. Lazaro worries about hitting the final note and he confabs with the band before the audience reveal. The audience is very very happy for Lazaro. He's singing Bridge Over Troubled Water- it's nice but tepid, which is pretty much like everything else Lazaro sings. He hits the final note though.
M: Congratulations

So, it's the end for Charlie, Vincent, Nick, Elijah, and Cortez. They file out onstage for a final bow, but no last song. Charlie manages to pull it together enough for a wave and a smile. The others look a little shell-shocked.

Now we see a montage of the Ladies' performances from Tuesday, which I am not recapping again. It's the same drill with the selection, the walk and pep talk, and the audience reveal. I do want to say that Ryan is being exceptionally sweet with each and every one of the kids. It's hard to imagine Carson Daley managing the same rapport with The Voice contestants.

#6. Janelle... hmmmm. She's wearing a teal, embroidered cotton, empire wasted, mullet skirted, folky-dress with a purple belt. She's still wearing invisible makeup, but her hair is shiny and soft and really pretty. Janelle proves that even the worst of the girls is better than the best of the guys. She gets a Standing O from Keith, Nicki, and Randy.
N: You are my ladybug, my marshmallow, my superstar

#7. Candice!!!!!!! Give me a moment to squee. Okay, I'm back. She's wearing red pants, a sparkly top, and a too-small black jacket. I can't wait to see what the stylists do with Candice. Candice sings beautifully and effortlessly and easily earns the 4 Judge Standing O.
R: This is a singing competition  (Me: Shut up Randy)

#8. Angie. Mini-Miley's hair tonight is straighter, but somehow just as big. she's wearing a black, gray, and metallic silver top with cut in shoulders. Keith and Randy stand. There's no doubt that she belongs with the finalists, but her voice is not my style at all. Tonight, she seems to be a bit off the music, and this may be her worst performance. It doesn't matter though.
K: Teary and happy

#9: Amber, which also makes me happy. She's wearing a cute yellow skirt (with an even hem!), a blue and white striped, scoop-neck tee, a green belt, and red lipstick. Oh, she's singing disco. The band is drowning her out, but this is upbeat and fun.
M: (exact quote) I can't even know what to say

#10. I wait, worried... but Ryan says Kree! Yay! Kree is wearing a black top and slacks and a royal jacket.
She gets a 4 Judge Standing O! She's so comfortable on stage, a born performer.

There is no time for any Judgely encouragement because the show is running over (imagine that). Ryan trots Zoanette, Aubrey, Adrianna, Tenna, and Breanna out for a final bow.

So our Season 12 Top 10 are: Paul Jolley, Burnell, Curtis, Devin, Lazaro, Janelle, Candice, Angie,, Amber, and Kree. It is truly the girls' year to lose.

Oh, though I was wrong about the Judges choosing Wild Cards tonight, Ryan says that next week, the Top Vote Remaining Guy and the Top Vote Remaining Girl will have a sing-off, and the judges will choose one of them to continue on.

Do I know this show or what?

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