Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Dakota Dreams- East River Gloves or Mittens

I tinkered with the graphs for my East River sweater (the one I hope will eventually be part of a Dakota Dreams series of patterns) to adapt them to a 64 st glove (with 32 sts for the back, 32 for the front). It wasn't too difficult (I seem to design in 32 st increments) though I did flip the motifs and add a few extra *dots* to keep the long stretches of one color to a minimum (something I realized I needed in my sweater but it was too late to add extras once the first full repeats had been knit).

I'm using Rowanspun 4 ply yarns (unfortunately discontinued, but I bought a lot of it when I was knitting my sweater, so I need to use it up anyhow)- 6 colors. The palm and thumb gusset pattern is just an every-other-stitch repeat, nothing fancy. This is a very light yarn, finer than many fingering weight yarns (I knitted my entire sweater on size 2 needles). I really love the tweedy flecks of color (which show up pretty well in these scans). This yarn makes a lovely, light fabric. It's loose during knitting, but it blooms nicely after washing.

I am pretty sure these will be gloves (I have the finger graph done already), but I'm leaving the option open for mittens if I don't feel like doing fingers. I had intended to make a fold-up cuff (like the other Fair Isle gloves), but I forgot and started the little wheat border at the wrong end, so these will have a Fair Isle border, then the ribbing, then the hand, which will look nice too (I'm willing to rip when I need to, but there's nothing inherently wrong with this version, so I just adjusted my notion of what the finished gloves will look like).
I have finished the wheat border on the cuff, and am about halfway through the thistle border. Above that will be the pheasants.

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