Monday, October 19, 2015

Click the link for a chance to win 1 of 4 copies of The Nut Hut!

Edited to announce: All 4 copies of The Nut Hut have been won! Thanks everyone for playing and sharing! The print version of this book is still available to purchase, and the eBook versions of all of my titles are always just a click away (links to the right of this page). Thanks again!

Click the link below for a 1-20 chance to win one of 4 trade paperback copies of The Nut Hut, my stand-alone novel. No purchase necessary, must be a US resident and over 18 to win, must have an Amazon account. How quickly the prizes are won depends on the volume of traffic- it could be fast, it could be slow. While you're there, check out my Tory Bauer mysteries, and if you're a knitter, my knitting books. Yes, this is pure promotion, but at least you might win something... smile emoticon. Have fun, and if you win, let me know! (Amazon is doing the choosing and shipping- I'm not involved in picking the winners).

Click here