Friday, June 17, 2016

It's so hard to keep a secret- Now with 100% more Foreign Body!

Way back in March, I started the process of putting the 6 Tory Bauer Mysteries back in print, through CreateSpace (the same folks who published The Nut Hut, and the two paper doll coloring books). It has been a long, slow process, and I had to keep quiet about it because I wanted to surprise the artist who did the wonderful new covers for the series. That artist also happens to be my son, Curtis Taylor

Though Foreign Body is still in the pipeline (I think it'll be ready next week), the first 5 books are ready, and I absolutely could not wait one minute longer to show off these amazing new editions.

The books are the same as the original paperbacks from Avon/Harper Collins, but in trade paperback format (larger than mass market pbs), with all of the covers Curtis did for the eBook editions.

I am absolutely thrilled.

Lemee tellya, it never gets old.

Foreign Body is now up and running!!!. And in case anyone needs a reminder- this is the series reading order (they were originally published out of order).