Saturday, March 19, 2016

Introducing Nora and Nell- A Paper Doll Coloring Book with fashions from 1914

Okay, I had planned not to release this until April, but approving the proof means listing it for sale (something I did not realize), so...

drum roll....

Here it is! Nora and Nell, A Paper Doll Coloring Book with Fashions from 1914.

This book has the same format as Jan and Karen: two dolls (and again, for free-standing dolls, either copy and print the uncolored dolls on card stock, or color the dolls and then glue them to card stock before cutting them out), 7 pages of *design your own prints* outfits, 7 pages of embellished outfits, and 7 pages of full color outfits, ready to cut.

All of the fashions were inspired by old catalogs and Delineator magazines from my own collection. My friend Susan Smith said this book might appeal to Downton Abbey lovers- and for sure, the styles echo the early seasons of that show!

 They knew hats in 1914!

And skirts you couldn't walk in...

 The time for hip tassels has returned, I think.

  (photo, not scan- will not print to size)

I hope you have as much fun with this book as I did putting it together!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

The rest was fun, but this is the REAL fun!

Long-time blog readers know how much I love everything about paper dolls. But what I love best is cutting them out. I cut prototypes of every piece while I was drawing and putting Jan and Karen together, but I waited until I'd colored every page before cutting the final versions out (and confession: I could not bear to cut my hand-colored book, so I scanned the colored pages and printed them out for cutting).


And yes, I am going to take a picture of every single outfit...