Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Folk Art Santas!

Last October, I looked in stores for color-your-own Christmas cards, and could not find any. So I decided to draw my own. And then I kept drawing. And then I realized I had enough drawings for a whole book. This is the result:

 Folk Art Santas is now available from Amazon! Astute observers with long memories might notice that the style is very similar to the embroidery fabrics I designed through Spoonflower. All of them were inspired by wood carvings I did back in the '90s.

The book has 33 coloring pages, including: 20 Card Fronts (you can either color the pages and then cut and glue them to card stock, or you can copy the designs directly on cardstock. No cardstock is included in the book), 6 Bookmarks, 8 Coloring Pages (which can be used to wrap small gifts), 4 Gift Bags, 2 Small Gift Cards, 8 Gift Tags, and 1 Santa Paper Doll with 12 outfits!

Here's a sneak peek:

I've already started coloring my copy.

Both pages were colored with Prismacolor Markers and a white gel pen.