Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Earth and Sky?????

Dakota Earth and Sky (a companion to the Dakota Dreams sweater)?

Anyway, I'm nearly done with the pruples (one round to go, but my hands cramped up and I had to stop last night). With just the blues left, I think the sweater will be long enough (I want about 27" total). I had thought about going back to the yellows if I need more length, but I'm not so sure now. We'll see how it comes out.
Oh- I had to scrap the middle purple yarn. There just wasn't enough contrast between that and the background gray. I found a ball of lighter purple as a substitute.

I reluctantly concluded that this has to be a traditional cardigan (not a V-Neck) because it's just too heavy for indoor wear, and a v-neck jacket isn't very practical. I'm going to root around in my tubs of handspun yarn for one more skein of dark charcoal yarn, but I suspect that I'm going to have to spin some more for the bands (I have enough yellow/brown/orange to make them match the cuffs and bottom ribbing). In any case, I should finish the body in a day or so, and then it's on to the steeking and finishing and washing and blocking and modeling and accosting random strangers to make them ooh and aah over it.

New Favorite Song: You know how it is when you put your Zune on shuffle and a song comes up that you didn't realize that you had? No? Just me? Well, that happened this morning on the treadmill- I was listening to random tunes, bypassing anything that didn't fit the workout pace and this song came up- it was totally the wrong tempo for exercize, but I had to listen to the whole thing. And then I hit replay. And again. It was Wynonna (Judd- which tells you how little Country I listen to, that I felt the need to specify which Wynonna, as though Wynona Rider has an album. Or Wynonna Parton), singing "Who Am I Supposed To Love?" (from her What The World Needs Now, album). I am totally enchanted with this song... nay obsessed. I've listened to it a dozen times already, and am not done. The rest of the CD? shrug. This song? Wonderful. Where did it come from, why is it on my Zune? Ya got me.


Mary Keenan said...

It's beautiful and I'm beside myself at the thought of your potentially picking up my earth and sky thing for its name (!!) I completely agree - this is the *perfect* companion name for Dakota Dreams ;^)

Katknit said...

Truly gorgeous!
Linda (from WoolGathering)

Anonymous said...

Worn indoors or outdoors it will be a WINNER. It is just to Beautiful!!

LizzieHelen said...

Oh, I like that name very much!--truly descriptive.