Friday, November 14, 2008

Morris Falling

Nope, that's not right either.

But the sweater is coming along beautifully. I have finished the red section on the sleeves (I deeply dislike 16" circs, so I'm making do with long dpns, and multiple shorter ones) and am nearly done with the reds on the body. Next up- greens, with a much lighter background color (still Romney, probably from the same fleece, but not as dark). I had originally planned to make a v-neck cardigan, and I'd still like one, but this sweater is quite heavy, and it's going to be mega-warm. I'm not sure that a v-neck will suit the fabric (I suspect it will have to be more a jacket than an indoor sweater). I don't need to decide until I get to the bottom of the future armholes (somewhere around the 17" mark- another 3" or so), but I'm going to have to do some serious contemplation on what I want vs. the fact that a v-neck jacket isn't exactly practical.

From The Department of Happy Discoveries: James Taylor's new Covers cd plays perfectly with the pre-programmed 400 calorie workout on my treadmill. This 45 minute workout goes up to 4mph and a 10% incline changing one or both at one-minute intervals (no running, but believe me, you know you've burned 400 cals when you're done). Amazingly enough, the songs speed up and slow down almost exactly to the treadmill, running out of music just 2 minutes before the end of the programmed session, and a replay of It's Growing fills that space just fine. If I have to exercise indoors (and I do have to), at least I can do it to JT.


Anonymous said...

That is one seriously beautiful sweater. Your stranded colourwork is inspiring.

LizzieHelen said...

Wow! Gorgeous! How about "Autumn Splendor"? or "Delicious Harvest"?--something superlative.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Wow, Wow!!!
Drool, Drool, Drool!!!
This is just to Beautiful!

Susan said...

This just gets better and better. I am going to have to knit like a mad fiend and finish up some WIP to justify starting this one.

Allison said...

Wow, I would never have thought to add the pinks with the browns! How about naming it "Swirling Leaves"? Maybe the person who names it could have the sweater?!

BTW, good for you burning up 400 calories at a time!