Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tis Finally the Season

Personally, I would listen to Christmas Music all year, but unless I am alone in the house, I have agreed not to play it until after Thanksgiving. And it's after Thanksgiving! Wahoo!
Here are my faves:

This is one of the records my mom had, so this entire album (and the next one on the list) are major nostalgia triggers for me. I am old enough to remember the Andy Williams show, and in fact I treasured a tiny little crush on Andy (at about age 8, I had a rather unsettling dream about him, with me in just my slip... but we won't go there). This music is corny, but such a perfect representation of the early '60's.

This is another Music of My Youth album- and I know and cherish every cheesy note.
This music also comes from my youth (though the older, high-school aged youth), but I didn't get the CD until a few years ago. What lovely music this is. Christmas time is here...
The first two Mannheim Steamroller Christmas albums blew me away to the extent that they became centerpieces in my first mystery novel (which was set in June, btw). Silent Night still makes me misty (meaning, as it does to me, a mom whose kids have grown up and are not coming home for the holidays)(that first time is hard, lemee tellya).

This one doesn't pack quite the emotional wallop that the first one does for me, but I love it just the same. I cannot listen to Still, Still, Still without seeing Johnny Depp standing in the snow.
I am still saddened by sudden and unexpected deaths of Jim Hensen and John Denver (and I can rant for a very long time about Miss Piggy shilling for Piza Hut), but the melding of voice and character on this CD will last forever. Who can listen to Beaker on The 12 Days of Christmas, or Rowlf on Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, and not smile?
I made a special trip to the Hallmark store and bought 3 cards that I never used, just to get this album. River is achingly beautiful. Go Tell it on the Mountain is wonderful, and Baby, It's Cold Outside outweighs my deep, irrational dislike 0f Natalie Cole.
Love him or hate him (and we all know which side of the coin I'm on), the boy can hold a note.

And now I need to go put some music on...


Kay-From the Back Yard said...

I think you might want to add the oldest Johnny Mathis album to that.

Great list, by the way!

Anonymous said...

And Mitch Miller! But for modern classics, add Bette Midler's album, and the one by Bare Naked Ladies. Er, the band, not a group of chilly women singing holiday songs.

Leigh said...

My DH is the same way! He finally conceded the point that the music makes the season special, and agreed to wait until after Thanksgiving as well.

rogueknitter said...

Wanna do cheesy nostalgia? I've got the vinyl of The Swingle Singers Christmas album. Bah-duh-bah-duh-bah-duh!

Love your list. Love Christmas music. I added Yo-Yo Ma & Friends Songs of Joy and Peace to my mix this year.

Carol (aka rogueknitter)

Anonymous said...

Yeah another Christmas music addict! I had to make the same deal with my Hubby. With a couple hundred CDs in my collection that's a lot of music to play in a month.

Have you listened to Handels Soulfull Messiah ? It's one of my favs.

Kathleen Taylor said...

Kay- My mom was a big Johnny Mathis fan. I'm surprised that she didn't have this album. I'll check it out.

annmarie: We had the Mitch Miller Folk Song album. We would have loved the Christmas one (and Bare Naked Ladies are always intersting...)

Carole: Have not heard of The Swingle Singers, but now must do so.

Sam: I have that CD. I love it!

Everyone: Thanks and keep the suggestions coming!