Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hats and Hats and Hats and Socks

We had a perfect Thanksgiving, though one granddaughter wasn't feeling up to snuff. We laughed and ate and forgot to get a group picture. I made the mistake of weighing myself this morning, so I have to hit the treadmill today, even though I usually skip Sundays. Sigh.

Here are some more ribbed handspun Christmas hats for the pile. I was told, this weekend, by young people who know stylin' that roll-brim hats are Not Cool. Luckily, the roll-brim hats are going to people who are far too old to style. But I did knit a few shorter hats, with no cuff, for some younger recipients (shorter hats = faster completion). All of these hats use California Red wool (some with a few other accents- mainly Romney). These hats are the perfect use for this heavy yarn- and it's good that I haven't run out, because every time I think I have reached the end of the list, I remember 5 more people to add to it.

I have 3 pairs of holiday socks (and possibly 3 more, but those don't have to be done until New Year's Eve, if I decide to make them) to knit, so I started one. These are Monkey ( from the Winter 2006 Knitty), and everyone in the sock knitting world has made them. This is my second time with the Monkey Pattern, and I am enjoying the rhythm (though not memorizing it). The first time I knit Monkey, I couldn't read a lace chart. This time I can, and wow- the difference is amazing. I tweaked the pattern to use short-row heels, and I'll do a Star Toe. I am, as they say, bookin'. This yarn is superwash wool and nylon from J L Yarnworks ( , in South Dakota. I bought this yarn, and a much more subdued skein at NCFF in September, and I love love love the neon green (and so will the recipient).

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Fríða said...

wow, that´s a lot of hats you´ve been making. must be loooong list you have for christmas gifts.
best wishes from Iceland