Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Run, Forest

(not many canopy puns that don't involve a can o' pee, and I'm not going there)

The Forest Canopy shawl is progressing nicely- it doesn't photograph well at this stage because unblocked lace is just a mass of lumps. But this shot does show the colors well. It looks pretty busy, but I think once it's blocked, it'll be fine.

I figured out how to calculate the remaining yarn in order to use up as much as I can, without running out on the final border rows (this is handspun yarn. there is no more. anywhere). I weighed the ball of yarn at the beginning of the last repeat, and then again after I finished it- the shawl gained 16 sts, and I used 11gr of yarn (out of a total of 73gr remaining). I will weigh the yarn again after the next repeat, which should give me a notion of how much more yarn than 11gr the next 16 st gain will eat. The repeats are 8 rows, and the border is 10 (including a loose bind off), so if I leave enough yarn for 2 full repeats for the border, I should be able to finish and have a little left over. My rough guess is that I'll knit 2 more repeats, and then move on to the border. Wish me luck.
This shawl is an amazingly quick knit. Note that I am working without a net- or more literally, without stitch markers. At least without stitch markers after every 8st repeat. So far, that's working out pretty well, though there are mistakes. There are always mistakes.
And if you're an American Citizen, and haven't done it yet- go vote already.

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Karen said...

Isn't that the bugger about lace -- it looks like a crumpled dishrag while it's being knit, even though you know it's going to spread out and become all magically beautiful when it's blocked. But the colours in this one are stunning, and I am completely willing to suspend disbelief. Plus, I think you are very clever re. the weighing thing. I generally rely on holding my breath, which has its limitations.